Who we are

Dedicated to meeting our customer’s expectations in data acquisition and continuous improvement support

For decades, Gebo has been mastering the line flow and engineering concepts associated to packaging lines.


In order to get real-time insight into production data and events, in 1996, Gebo decided to develop its own automated data acquisition system, EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool).


The system not only records raw production data, but also generates root cause analyzes and turns such data into actionable information. Based on Visual Management concepts, EIT™ intuitive User Interface optimizes users’ awareness, responsiveness and effectiveness.


Recognized worldwide as the most valuable productivity tool in the Packaging industry.


1996: Gebo creates and launches EIT™ from its Laval/Quebec Canada office.

2003: A new EIT™ team based in Reichstett, France, supports customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

2006: EIT™ migrates to a Web-based architecture system.

2010: Customers located in China are serviced by an additional EIT™ team, based in Beijing.

2015: EIT™ Version 6 is launched and optimized for mobile platforms.