Service Portfolio

Gebo is your best fit to help you succeed

A data acquisition system is not only valuable as the information it provides but also, how it can effectively support users in their daily tasks in their quests for reaching production targets and reducing waste-related costs.To assist you, Gebo offers a wide range of services.


Training & Coaching

Strong from its expertise in line design and integration, Gebo really understands your production challenges. Our productivity-focus engineers will help you reduce the learning curve. For operators, it means a clear understanding of their main dashboard for becoming more responsive and effective. Whereas for engineers, it means taking ownership of the EIT™ built-in Root Cause Analysis feature for quickly and accurately detecting efficiency loss sources, set priorities and validate results.


Combining theoretical sessions and workshops, our onsite and online training programs, group and individual coaching, are not limited to measuring performance but rather on understanding the line concepts related to each major key performance indicator (ex: OEE, MTTR, MTBF, availability…) so you can go a step further in your quest for performance.


Software Upgrade & Support

On a yearly basis, an EIT™ software upgrade is released. Closely aligned to the market’s and customers’ needs, new functionalities and dashboards are added to the system to better support continuous improvement initiatives.


To seamlessly integrate with your Business, Warehouse systems or any third-party application, interfaces can be developed upon requests.